WindScout calculates the expected energy production of a customized WTG at a chosen site and gives information about the wind conditions at this site.

Windenergie to go - the EOL app, now worldwide!!
The EOL WindScout app is available for over three years in the Apple App Store with over 15.000 installations worldwide, great success! This was, among other things one cause to improve the app and to develop further useful features. As an extension of the free app a global wind resource has been included. In addition, there is now the possibility to upgrade into the PRO version via inApp purchase to acquire and to use the PRO Features *! As additional wind resource maps of Denmark and Poland are also available via inApp purchase.
WindScout Demo: WindScout Simulation on YouTube

Wind power via mobile
Until now, there has not been any mobile information available about the wind conditions present in any given location worldwide. But now, the WindScout makes it possible! The app can display the wind conditions at the site, right where the user stands, or for a manually entered location worldwide (through Google Maps until iOS5, Apple maps from iOS6).

Custom-fit wind turbines
The information-rich first screen of the app provides a color raster view of the world according to average wind speed, where the user can virtually position his or her turbines. Using this tool, the user can also position the turbines at their current position and find out in seconds whether the wind speeds and that location meet his or her requirements for a feasible project. The scenario can be fine-tuned on the app’s second screen, where the wind turbines can be configured through multitouch or in the settings dialog box. In the PRO Version you can calculate with power curves of specific manufacturers. WindScout then immediately calculates the wind conditions and production output of the customized turbines.

Wind Farm Germany
For users interested in all of the wind parks installed in Germany, the app maps them all in one convenient place. Depending on raster settings, all wind turbines and parks in Germany can be made visible, down to the placement of individual turbines at a high zoom level.


iPad startscreen

Map screen world

Map screen Germany with wind farms

Windpark details

WTG screen

Report screen with results

Finance module / economic calculation

Info screen / configuration

Preview PDF report

Feature detail view iPhone

WTG details

In the PRO version details for the complete wind farm word/Germany are available.

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The map and the clustered wind farms can be zoomed in detail.

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WTG configuration

The generic "CUBE WTG" can be configured free. In the PRO version various manufacturer WTGs can be selected.

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Wind report

The wind report provides information on the wind conditions at the selected site.

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Energy report

The energy report provides information on the expected annual energy yield at the site.

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PDF report

With the PRO version a complete PDF report can be generated an send via email.

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*PRO Features:

  • Reportfunction: All calculations can be generated and sent as a PDF report
  • WTG details: The user will receive details of existing wind farms (type, hub height, rotor diameter, rated power)
  • Feedback function to plant sites (PRO version): Users can submit new turbine locations and details on existing sites
  • Shows the manufacturer servicepoints on the map
  • Improved Windpark-Clustering
  • Finance module with economic calculation
  • Site search via place or coordinates


  • Category: service program
  • Updated: 22.09.2014
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 25 MB
  • Language: German, English
  • Developer: EOL GmbH
  • © 2014 EOL GmbH
  • Rated: 4+
  • System requirements: compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, min iOS 7.0 and higher. The app is optimized for iPhone5.

Background information

The WindScout App in this version is for informational and non-commercial use only, providing general wind conditions at a selected site (speed, power and direction) and the related output of possible wind turbines installed at this location. All results and estimations of this tool are based on simplified models, presumptions and algorithms for rough calculations only.